II SMARTBEES Workshop on Bioinformatics

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The “II SMARTBEES Workshop on Bioinformatics” seminar within the context of the Work package 3 (WP3): Assessing honeybee biodiversity in Europe of  SMARTBEES Project, was organized by Genomic Resources from 4th to 7th of July in Getaria (Basque Country).

The workshop was a success for the WP3 team. We shared and discussed bioinformatic procedure and results of the SMARTBEES Project regarding honeybee (Apis mellifera) genomic diversity, subspecies diagnostic SNPs, selection signatures and subspecies conservation.

Participants (in the photograph):

Top, from left to right: Chao Chen, Shi Wei, Maria Bouga, Andone Estonba, Marina Meixner, Leila Farajzadeh, Per Kryger.

Bottom, from left to right: Jamal Momeni, Iratxe Montes, Melanie Parejo, Laetitia Papoutsis.

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