Genetic fingerprinting

We have a wide range of experience in obtaining Genetic Fingerprint for its subsequent application within Animal Conservation and Genetic Improvement Programs and in areas such as Food Safety and Life Quality, and Forensic Genetics

The research projects in this line are focused on (1) the discovery of DNA markers (microsatellites, SNPs or sequences), when the studied species requires, and (2) the design of optimized DNA marker panels for obtaining the Genetic Fingerprint of individuals.

To date, we have worked to develop genetic tools for the following applications:

  • Pedigree controls through parentage testing for domestic (bovine, ovine, equine, canine) and wild (hare) animals within the context of Animal Conservation and Genetic Improvement Programs, as well as for the human species.
  • Our team participates since the year 2000 in the biannual ISAG (International Society for Animal Genetics) Comparison Test for bovine, ovine and equine species, and since the year 2008 in the Annual Intercomparison Tests carried out by the Algete Veterinary Central Laboratory (National Reference Laboratory) for the same species.
  • Individual assignation: identification of the species/breed/populations of bovine and ovine livestock, hares, bees, termites, … and humans.
  • Prevention and treatment of termite plagues.
  •  Food safety / Designation of Origin:
    • Analysis of traceability of foods of bovine origin. We participate, via the NEIKER-Tecnalia research center in the «Kalitatea Topera» program, which was established in 1999 within the Kalitatea Foundation focused on the management of Euskolabel designation of origin.
    • Development of patents for the authentication of food derived from European anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) or albacore (Thunnus alalunga).