Dr. Ana Marta Muñoz

Dr. Ana Marta Muñoz-Colmenero

Position: post-doctoral researcher

Marta Muñoz-Colmenero helds a FPU National Spanish Grant (reference AP-2010-5211) to do the PhD in Functional and Molecular Biology at the University of Oviedo (Asturias, Spain) with a three month collaboration stay at the University of Southern California (USC), California, USA. Her research PhD studies (PhD title: Health and ecological risks derived from species misidentification in seafood; April, 2016) was focused in the identification of mislabeling in seafood and derivatives, as fish gelatins, apllying different genetics techniques as desing of specific primers in mitochondrial and nuclear markers, amplification by PCR and sanger sequencing (Barcoding DNA), cloning, and the novel next generation sequencing methodology (Amplicon sequencing) applied to traceability  in fish products.

In addition, she has worked in other research ways as: population genetics (fish and intertidal fauna, principally molluscs) focus in conservation of natural resources, detection of marine biological invasions by genetics methods (design of species-specific markers), or programs of scitizen science to divulge the research and improve the knowledge of it.

Since 2011, she has participated in 6 national/international research projects and contracts resulting in 11 peer reviewed papers and 6 communications to conferences (4 oral, 3 posters (both in one conference)).

Currently she continues her research at the University of Basque Country (UPV/EHU) as part of European project in honey bees. Her work is focused in the microbial community and the viruses associated with the bees environment through metabarcoding and metatranscriptomic approaches, in healthy and sick colonies under different environmental conditions, in order to know which microorganisms are the main keepers to the natural honey bee health.

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