Dr. Carmen Manzano

Dr. Carmen Manzano

Position: Lecturer of Physical Anthropology.


Tlf: 0034 94 601 25 69
Fax: 0034 94 601 31 45

Carmen Manzano is lecturer of Physical Anthropology and Human Evolution at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). After a period in which her research focused on anthropogenetic studies, her current main interest is the application of DNA variation analysis to address questions in Bioscience, using three main approaches: Population Genetics, Forensic Genetics and Genetic Association Studies. She is now involved in projects studying DNA variation in several animal species.

Over the last five years she has participated in 12 national research projects resulting in 16 peer reviewed papers and 13 communications to conferences, as well as 1 patent and 5 research contracts.

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