Genomic Resources

On the basis of its acquired knowledge, experience and infrastructure, our group offers the following services to companies, institutions and other research groups:

The development and optimization of genetic marker sets

Development and optimization of panels of genetic markers with applications in the areas of Animal Conservation and Genetic Improvement, Sustainable Management of Genetic Resources and Food Safety.

Scientific and technical assessment in the areas of Animal Conservation and Genetic Improvement and Sustainable Management of Genetic Resources

Elaboration of scientific recommendations for the identification and delimiting of stocks of species of interest to the livestock and fishery industries by means of:

  • Identification of animal species.
  • Analysis of the genetic diversity of animal populations.
  • Phylogenetic analyses.
  • Detection of species hybridization.

Scientific and technical assessment for the application of Genetic Fingerprinting

  • Paternity and genetic identification tests for animal species.
  • Traceability of food derived from animals.
  • Designation of origin
  • Identification of transgenic foods

Gene identification

Development and interpretation of results of genetic association studies and differential expression studies aimed to identify genes responsible for economically relevant traits in animal species or with a potential use in the area of Human Health.

Generation of genomic resources in non-model species

Application of Next –Generation Sequencing technologies for the:

  • Construction of reference genomes
  • Construction of reference transcriptomes
  • Gene annotation: identification of gene structure and function
  • Discovery and validation of DNA markers: SNP/Indel/CNV


Development of new bioinformatics tools for the analysis of data generated by NGS platforms.

Scientific training

Training of undergraduates, as well as MSc and PhD candidates.

Assessment and Services at the UPV/EHU Sequencing and Genotyping Unit (SGIker)