Prof. Andone Estonba


Prof. Andone Estonba

Position: Professor of Genetics and Scientific Advisor of the Sequencing and Genotyping facilities (SGiker) at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU).

Tlf: + 34 94 601 55 17
Fax: + 34 94 601 31 45

Andone Estonba is Professor in Genetics. She is interested in the application of DNA variation analysis to practical topics of Biosciences area using three main approaches: Population Genomics, Forensic Genetics and Genetic Association Studies.

Her first research was aimed to improve management in conservation programs and genetic improvement of local farm animals (sheep, cattle, horse, honeybee, hare, …). She has contributed to the development of DNA tools for food traceability, individual identification, and genealogy control, as well as reference data regarding the diversity, genetic structure and phylogenetic relationships of local populations. Her most recent projects apply second-generation sequencing techniques (Roche 454 technology; HiSeq Illumina) for the discovery of SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) markers, as well as for differential gene expression and genome annotation studies in fishery and mariculture species, in order to optimize their management and improvement.

Currently, she is also involved in metagenomics studies on vineyards and estuaries. Since 2009, she has led and participated in 20 national and international research projects/contracts resulting in 19 peer reviewed papers, 25 communications to conferences and 2 patents.

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