Dra. Irati Miguel

Dr. Irati Miguel

Position: Technician at the Sequencing and Genotyping Facilities.


Tlf: 0034 94 601 35 61 / 34 71
Fax: 0034 94 601 35 00

Irati Miguel holds a PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) (PhD title: Genetic, morphometric and ethologic study of Apis mellifera from Western Europe and applications for conservation purposes, December 2009, under the supervision of Dr. Andone Estonba from the UPV/EHU and Dr. Lionel Garnery from the CNRS, France). Her research is mainly focused on Population Genetics, Forensic Genetics and Evolution. Her first studies aimed to improve the management of the conservation of local honeybee populations, to enhance our knowledge of evolutionary history and to detect hybridization and genetic diversity. In this regard, she has made a number of short-term research visits to the Evolution, Genomes and Speciation laboratory at CNRS (Gif sur Yvettes, FR) and to the Morphometric Laboratory at MNHN (Paris, FR).

Apart from this, she has collaborated in various phylogenetics and forensic studies of several species. The results of her research have been reported in 13 peer reviewed papers and 15 communications to conferences and workshops (7 oral, 8 posters), and she has become an active member of the GHEP-ISFG (Spanish and Portuguese-speaking working group of the International Society for Forensic Genetics).

Since 2005, she works as superior technician in charge of the Sequencing and Genotyping unit of Genomics Facilities from the University of the Basque Country (SGIker – UPV/EHU). She manages several platforms for sequencing and genotyping (ABIPRISM 3130xl genetic analyzer), NGS platform (Illumina: MiSeq, NextSeq, NovaSeq) and for high-throughput SNP genotyping (Biomark HD system, Fluidigm).

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